Who we are

Working at Cloud City Games is a  journey through the realms of gaming and pop culture. While we dive into the world of fun every day, our commitment to excellence makes it an engaging and fulfilling workplace. There is always something new to work on!

Storefront: At our storefronts, our team thrives on connecting enthusiasts with the perfect hobby gear or collectibles. We’re the catalysts for introducing newcomers to the different universes of games and pop culture items, suggesting exciting new finds that could become their next obsession. Alongside these interactions, our storefront crew manages purchases from the public, curates orders for our comic and TCG customers, and ensures our spaces are always welcoming and clean.

Ecommerce: Our ecommerce staff are the magic behind expanding our reach beyond physical boundaries. They expertly pack and ship products while handling all customer service matters that come from across the world. Through their dedication, Cloud City Games extends to a wider audience, delivering joy in a box right to our customers’ doorsteps.

Acquisitions: Behind the curtain, our acquisitions team works tirelessly to ensure our stores are full of the latest and most sought-after items. They’re the masterminds orchestrating the influx of new merchandise, constantly refreshing our shelves with the coolest and most desirable finds.

Specialized Experts: We’re also proud to have a team dedicated to the meticulous care, repair, and grading of comics, video games, and trading cards. Their expertise ensures that each item passing through our hands is treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

At Cloud City Games, it’s not just about games and pop culture—it’s about creating a haven for enthusiasts, whether they’re seasoned collectors or budding fans. We’re a team passionate about what we do, constantly evolving to bring joy and excitement to all who step into our world.