Chris Brill Cryptid Entry

Chris Brill

Chris Brill, sometimes colloquially referred to as Brilliam or Christoph Brillby (only by select companions), is classified formally as a mythic humanoid. This enigmatic figure of unparalleled depth and eccentricity, known to inhabit  the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, is celebrated for his unique blend of idiosyncrasies and achievements. A long-time employee of Cloud City Games, his life’s journey is marked by a series of enigmatic rituals and practices, each contributing to the mystique surrounding his persona.

Little is known about Chris Brill’s early years, save for the auspicious circumstances of his birth under the captivating hue of a rare and wonderful red moon. This celestial event, believed to imbue him with extraordinary energy, continues to influence his daily rituals. It is said that he draws sustenance and vitality from this unique phenomenon, perpetually seeking out the comforting glow of red lamps and lights in order to restore his energy.

Chris Brill is also a self-identified kleptotherm, requiring that he stand abnormally close to other organisms in order to maintain his own internal temperature. He refuses blankets as they are “a scam” and “don’t really do anything.” 

Philosophy and Practices

Chris Brill’s life is governed by a strict set of rituals which reflect his unwavering commitment to create a wasteless, perfect lifestyle. He meticulously curates his diet every weekend and maintains those strictures week by week. His favorite indulgence at the end of a long, hard work-day is to relish the sharp taste of tinned fishes. At these times, Chris Brill is able to unhinge his jaw, similar to a snake’s, to envelop his prey. It is not assumed at this time that whole mice make up a significant portion of his diet; however, no mouse has ever been seen in his presence. Cryptozoologists have not fully researched the widest reaches of Chris Brill’s diet.

Most notably, however, he partakes in the arcane “Rite of the Carrot,” a ritual in which he carefully curates the quantity of carrots in his lunch to ensure that all companions in his presence receive a single orange offering. This rite symbolizes unity and communal sustenance.

An avid player of Magic: The Gathering, Chris Brill finds solace in the intricate dynamics of the game, particularly favoring cards that accrue microscopic value – a testament to his appreciation for subtlety and nuance. He is ‘the heart of the cards’, as it is said, and he is the only one to have every caught them all.

Additionally, he boasts a storied reputation as a Dungeon Master, although fate has relegated him to this role exclusively, denying him the opportunity to assume the mantle of a player. This may be because of the “Rule of Perfection” that he adheres to; like a paladin assuming an oath, Chris Brill’s devotion to order would force the stat rolls of his dice to be perfect during character creation.


Chris Brill’s name carries a weighty significance, demanding to be invoked in its entirety at all times – a testament to the indivisible nature of his identity. Neither “Chris” nor “Brill” suffices; his moniker serves as a beacon of his singular essence. Within the confines of Cloud City Games, Chris Brill’s presence is revered, with his wisdom and guidance permeating every facet of the establishment. He maintains a wall adorned with aspirational phrases, serving as a source of inspiration and empowerment for all who encounter it. Despite his enigmatic demeanor, Chris Brill’s emotional depth remains a subject of intrigue. He is known for concealing his emotions, believed to possess a vast spectrum of feelings too immense for mortal comprehension. To witness the full scope of his emotions is to be awed by the magnitude of his greatness.


Rumors abound regarding Chris Brill’s extraordinary feats, including his purported ability to walk fifteen miles a day while simultaneously managing his spreadsheets – a testament to his unparalleled multitasking prowess and indomitable spirit. A stalwart embodiment of capitalism, he has garnered such acclaim that Ayn Rand herself is said to have erected a statue in his honor. He is number one in the Cloud City Games discord, a well-earned accolade that was earned no more than three days following the metric’s instatement. Chris Brill stands as a testament to the boundless potential inherent within every individual who dares to embrace their uniqueness. From his humble origins to his enduring influence on those around him, he remains a figure of fascination and inspiration, his legacy intertwined with myth and mystique.

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